Criminal or Traffic Violation

Get Legal Help for Traffic Violation Case

Skillful Representation of Your Criminal Case

Our attorneys have assisted individuals with very serious criminal matters ranging from homicide to harrassment. Our office has provided representation on felony and misdemnaor level charges of Driving While Intoxicated. In each case, we strive to provide you with best representation possible.  We believe that you’re entitled to legal counsel that acts in your best interest.  

The attorneys at Cardinale & Delvecchio Law Firm have gone to trial on various types of cases and have been successful in delivering positive results for our clients. Get the strongest possible defense for your case. 

Aggressive Representation of Traffic Violations

The attorneys at Cardinale & Delvecchio Law Firm can assist you on your traffic violation.  In almost all cases the attorney personally meets with a representative from the prosecuting agency.  When ever possible, we avoid advocating for our clients over the telephone or through mail.  We have found over the years that effective representation typically involves face to face meetings with the district attorney's office.  We handle all matters including the following:  
  • Speeding, Cell-Phone, and all other V & T matters;
  • No license, invalid license, and suspended license;
  • DWI and DWAI-Drug charges;
  • Aggravated DWI and all DWI offenses;
  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana; and
  • Drug Offenses.
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