Syracuse, NY

Expert Traffic Violation Lawyers in Syracuse NY 

Traffic offense lawyers at Cardinale and Delvecchio Law can help you with a wide range of traffic law violations. Many people do not take the “little violations” seriously and it can be a critical error. Traffic violation lawyers can mitigate some of the repercussions that you may experience after a traffic charge. Our law firm can represent you with DWI defense law, speeding tickets and other violations and many times you do not even have to come to court in Syracuse NY. 

Our Relationships 

One of the best reasons to hire DWI defense lawyers or traffic violation lawyers is because of our relationships. As officers of the court, we can speak on your behalf and present your defense. We work with the prosecutor to come up with a fair and equitable agreement, but we will also fight aggressively if we cannot reach an agreement. We utilize our long-standing positive reputation in Syracuse NY to help you get the best outcome for your traffic violations. 

The Benefits of Representation 

Even minor violations can have long term effects like:
  • Expensive fines 
  • Driving privilege penalties 
  • Higher insurance premiums 
  • Probation 
At Cardinale and Delvecchio Law, our lawyers including our drunk driving lawyers will focus on the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case and will work toward that outcome goal. Having an experienced law firm on representing you can mean smaller fines (if any), keeping your driving privileges and avoiding any criminal penalties. Of course, reducing charges or having the dismissed means you do not have to worry about additional insurance expenses down the road. Fighting on your own can be one of the most expensive mistakes you ever make! Every driving violation should be taken seriously and should have legal representation. Contact us to help you with your tickets today! 
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