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Let our office assist you with your legal matter.  Simple or complex, we will work tirelessly to get you the justice you deserve.  The Cardinale & DelVecchio Law Firm is committed to your success. 

We work on various legal matters and pride ourselves on being personable and understanding.   
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Traffic Violation Lawyer
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When you're facing a legal struggle, you need a lawyer who will work thoroughly on your behalf.  Enlist our attorneys, who are committed to you and the success of your case. 

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Welcome to Cardinale and Delvecchio Law 

Cardinale & Delvecchio Law is the law firm serving Cortland NY, Syracuse NY and the surrounding areas. At Cardinale & Delvecchio, we specialize in helping you to minimize the repercussions of a traffic law violation. Our traffic violation lawyers have the expertise you need to minimize penalties after a traffic stop.
DWI Defense Law

We have the drunk driving lawyers that will prepare a defense that will help you get the best possible outcome. Our DWI defense law expertise can help to come up with a strategy that will improve the outcome of your case. Our focused representation is the best opportunity you must fight the charges. The impact of a DWI can be far reaching and can affect:
  • Your ability to stay employed 
  • Your ability to drive in the future 
  • The cost of your insurance 
Fighting a DWI on your own is clearly not an option, you need the DWI defense lawyers that will fight your case aggressively. We will provide you with aggressive defense in your case 

Traffic Violation Lawyers

While DWI is one of the more serious traffic violations, there are other violations that can be costly as well. Our traffic offence lawyers always keep one goal in mind when representing clients with traffic violations; minimize the penalties and the cost. Speeding, failure to yield, failure to stop and other violations can have costly impacts on your future. In addition to paying stiff fines and dealing with penalties even the simplest traffic violation can ring up the cost of insurance now and in the future. Having an expert legal defense attorney representing your matter will increase the odds of getting a favorable outcome. Don’t fight your case unprotected, get the expert legal team on your side. Contact us to discuss your matter! 
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