Cortland, NY

3 Reasons You Need DWI Defense Lawyers 

The bottom line is if you have been charged with a DWI/DUI you need an expert in DWI defense law. Taking the risk of defending yourself in Cortland NY can have repercussions that affect you for the rest of your life. Drunk driving lawyers specialize in helping people that have been stopped and charged with DWI and they can be your best ally in court. Having an expert by your side can make a difference. 

The Traffic Law 

The traffic law is clear when it comes to driving under the influence, but they are also clear about the evidence that is needed to get a conviction of the charge. Fighting on your own without the expert support of traffic violation lawyers leaves you ill-prepared to fight the charge effectively. Our law firm has the traffic offence lawyers that are prepared to step up to the plate and fight your case aggressively. 

Before You Go to Court 

Before your court date you will want to consult with an attorney for these three reasons:
  1. You want the best possible outcome 
  2. Even if you are convicted, you want the penalties to be lenient 
  3. You need the technical expertise of a good lawyer 
At Cardinale and Delvecchio Law, our goal is to always get you the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of the case. If the evidence is undisputable, we will work to get you the lowest possible penalties and ask for leniency. We use our technical expertise of the law to ensure that the prosecution is held to the highest standards. 

It is a risky endeavor to try to fight a DWI charge on your own. Contact us to talk about your case and how we can help! 
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